The most difficult words in Spanish

Ever wondered what are the most difficult words in Spanish are for the non-Spanish speaker?

You have? 

Well, if this is the case you are in the right place.

Click on the video below and you will find out the answers! 

Before seeing the video, what do you imagine the words to be?

  • Do you think the list will be made up on long, complicated words in Spanish that seem almost impossible for the non-native to say?
  • Words with the "rr" sound which lots of English speakers find very difficult to reproduce.
  • Or a word with lots of harsh "j" sounds.

An Englishman takes on the most difficult words in Spanish

Las palabras más difíciles de pronunciar en español para los no hispanohablantes

In this video, I take on the the Spanish language in all its glory.

Its highs ....

and its lows ....

..... or should that be be my highs and my lows?

The most difficult words in Spanish for non-Spanish speakers to say

As you will see, I fail at one or two of the linguistic hurdles cunningly placed by the Spanish language.

And not only fails, they are big fails - they are embarrassing to say the least(!).

So, this is the video in all its glory - The most difficult words in Spanish!

This video was inspired by another video on BBC Mundo.

Click on the video below to see it.

You will see people from around the globe having fun and difficulties with the Spanish language!

The important thing is that they are having fun.

.... because language learning should be precisely that. It is not all about the grammar grind!



Have fun whilst learning Spanish!

I had fun making the video- fun tackling the most difficult words in Spanish.

Why don't you make a video - now there's a challenge.

And, if anyone does take up the challenge, and sends me the link, I will give, in return, a free one hour online Spanish lesson.

Free, gratis and for nothing!


Have fun learning Spanish

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