Spanish verbs you need to know – set 3

Spanish verbs you need to know - set 3


This is the third in a series of four on a key topic for Spanish language learners....

.... what verbs are the key ones to know.

And, that is the purpose of this article.

Below you will find a YouTube video, which has the key information from this post in audio and visual format ...

...that is why it is worthwhile clicking on the video because you will not only hear the verbs but see them as well.

This is so good for the retention of the material.

In addition, there is a quizlet where you can test yourself in a variety of ways on how well you do know the verbs.

 Also I have set the verbs out in a form so that you can copy them for your purposes.

Spanish verbs you need to know - set 3
The YouTube video

Spanish verbs you need to know - set 3

The more you interact with the Spanish verbs, the more you will remember them.

Here are the verbs that you can copy for for own use

Remember, the more get involved with the verbs, the better.

ponerse a 

to happen
to happen,  to spend (time)
to be able, to "can"
to put
to start doing something
to want; to love
I’d like
to know (a fact, how to do s.t.)
to continue, to follow
to beEnter your text here...


Well, there it is - set three of the Spanish verbs you really need to know if you are going to make real progress on your Spanish learning journey.

Why not click on the links below, to keep you moving on that journey!

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