Spanish verbs – you need to know

Spanish verbs you need to know - set 1

Here is set 1 of the Spanish verbs you need to know.

In this post are the first ten Spanish verbs which are essential for learning Spanish.

Learning a foreign language, like Spanish, can seem daunting.

Where to start?

One of the key building blocks, or keys, to learning a foreign language are the verbs.

...and Spanish is no different.

So, verbs are key. 

Knowing them is the first thing .... and knowing how they work or conjugate is another.

The purpose of this post is to introduce the first ten essential verbs.

And here they are.....

These Spanish verbs have been picked for the regularity with which they crop up in normal language and therefore how useful they are.

Below the list you will find a YouTube video, which gives the pronunciation of the verbs (Castilian Spanish). 

acabar de + infinitive




darse cuenta (de)



dejar de



to have just

to begin

to continue

to give

to realise

to have to, to "must"

to decide

to stop (doing something)

to throw

to begin

If you need some help with the list, why not click on the YouTube video below

Need some more practise? Try this Quizlet below.
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