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¡Spanish courses - that's what!

Spanish courses - yes that's what's new! Spanish courses.

Having fought a few "techie" gremlins in the middle of the July, I am now back up and running on full power.

Spanish courses are on my mind - they have been on my mind for a good while.

August is giving me the opportunity to start creating some quality online Spanish courses.


It is the beginning of the summer holidays, when things definitely slow down in Europe, in general.

Especially on the continent of Europe!

Indeed, large parts of the continent effectively close down for August.

And, flight after flight of northern Europeans head for the sunny south.

But not me - I am sitting and constructing courses in front of the computer. 

My aim - to help people to become linguistically prepared.

Are you linguistically prepared?

Are you linguistically prepared?

What is on the menu at - Spanish Courses

Are you linguistically prepared?

Are you linguistically prepared?

During the August period, I will be putting together a series of online courses for people who are interested in learning Spanish, so that they linguistically prepared in 2020.

And, specifically, how linguistically prepared do you want to be in 2020?

And you might be thinking, hang on a bit we are only half way through 2019.

¡Tienes razón!

But there is nothing wrong with a bit of forward thinking!

“Are you going to be linguistically prepared for 2020?”

Being linguistically prepared, will enable you to get just a little more pleasure out of your trip.

Are you linguistically prepared?

There is no doubt about it.

With even a little Spanish, you will get a much better insight into what is going on.

Do you always know the following?

  •   The best time to go to the restaurant.
  •   The best cheeses which are not on the tourist menu
  •   Where the best secluded beach is

You don't?

Well, perhaps it is time to up your game(!).

And, if you are reading this, having been on your summer holidays to exotic Spanish speaking locations, there will be no better time than starting to think about how much better things could be next year if....

.... you are linguistically prepared!

Let's cut to the chase - Spanish Courses!

Are you linguistically prepared?

Some courses will be free.

Some will be paid for courses.

The courses will be suitable for students with different levels of Spanish.

So.... Spanish Courses 'r us!

If you would like to be informed about when the courses are released, please fill in the following form.

You will then be put on my mailing list and you will receive lots of tips, hacks, and interesting tit bits about learning Spanish, in addition to being the first to know when the courses are released.

No obligation. No nothing. Just be aware of what will be available over the course of the coming months.


So, I am now off to get creating these courses.

If you would like to be involved as a beta tester (i.e. have a look at the course before it is launched so that any wrinkles can be smoothed out), please contact me using the form below:

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