Rocket Spanish – a review

Rocket Spanish - a review

There are many products and ways to help you to learn Spanish.

These include:

  • Books
  • Group classes
  • One to one tuition
  • On line products

and so on and so forth....

And, unfortunately, there is not a one size fits all product or way of going about learning Spanish.

 ..... or come to that, other languages.

It depends on you as a student.

What sort of student are you?

Are you a visual student? 

Are you a tactile / kinaesthetic student?

Indeed , knowing what sort of student you are, is a great way of making good progress in learning a foreign language.

Sometimes, and in my experience almost always,  it is a blend or mix of approaches which works the best.

This is where Rocket Spanish might come into play.

Rocket Spanish can be part of the mix or blend. Indeed, mixing things up a little is what the brain needs. Different parts of the brain are stimulated by different approaches.

Purpose of article

The purpose of this article is to give you an in-depth appraisal of Rocket Spanish.

In short - is Rocket Spanish right for you?

Please note that I will earn a commission if you purchase the Rocket Spanish program.

How to use this article

If you are a total Spanish beginner, why not go to the Level 1 description below.

You will see everything that Rocket Spanish offers, and, as you will see, it really does pack a punch!

However, if you already have some Spanish under your belt, why not go to level 2 and see if this is more useful to you.

If you are a bit rusty, you might like to have a look at the Level 1 section as well.

Rocket Spanish - contents

In the section below is a brief overview of what makes up the Rocket Spanish package.

1. Interactive audio lessons

Rocket Spanish - audio lessons

Audio and good quality audio is key when starting out learning languages.

And, as you can see Rocket Spanish does just that! 60 hours worth of content and reinforcement that makes the words "stick". 

That is what you need when you set out.

What is more - unlike human teachers, the audio does not get tired and there are no variations. from the first time to the .... let's say "nth" time, the same sounds are repeated back.

Exactly what you need when you are a beginner.

Consistency in the materials you are using is as important as the consistency of your approach as a student.

My opinion

2. Language and culture lessons

Rocket Spanish - Language and Culture lessons

That's what you need as a learner. 

Yes - grammar is important, but being familiar with the everyday words and phrases is key.

Both to you as a foreigner encountering Spanish speakers perhaps for the first time. It boosts confidence when you recognise something that someone has said.

But also to the native speaker who perhaps may not be inclined to give you the time of day and a second chance. In my experience the "sympathetic native teacher" is indeed a rare species. He / she exists in language classrooms the world over.

Do they actually exist in real life?

Yes and no.

The reassuring thing is that Rocket Spanish does give lots of opportunity for practice and therefore gets a big  ☑️

3. Voice comparison

Rocket Spanish - Voice comparisons

Whilst the ability to compare your voice with a native speaker is an apparent advantage, I am not convinced that it really is effective.

For me, repetition is (almost) all.

Stick at it! 

Get on the hamster wheel of repetition, and go, go go!

Rocket Spanish - the hamster wheel of repetition is good for you as a language learner

4. Efficient learning

Rocket Spanish - Efficient learning

Tips, hacks and tricks. The world is full of them.

Here are a lots of useful Spanish language short-cuts to make big progress in a short amount of time.

Learning and implementing these ideas will really rocket boost your progress. 

So, what is not to like?

Language learners need to feel that they are making progress, and so gain confidence in their language learning journey.

5. Learning support

Rocket Spanish - Learning support

With an expensive  teacher / tutor you normally only have access during the class.

This is where the Rocket Spanish learning support comes into its own.

24/7 support from enthusiastic teachers and native speakers.

This, to my mind, is an excellent part of the package

Rocket Spanish - support team


6. Motivational tools

We all need motivation, especially when the going gets tough.

Learning languages is not a bed a roses, especially when the going does, inevitably, get tough.

This is where the motivation comes in - lots of language learning software these days has engaging content to keep you the student on track.

Rocket Spanish - a bed of roses

Rocket Spanish is no different in this regard.

Overview of Rocket Spanish contents

Level 1

Below you can see that Rocket Spanish is clearly set out.

The clarity of the lay-out is exemplary. You know what to expect from the "get-go".

Drilling down further into the dash board, you can immediately see the types of activities which are available:

  • Interactive audio lessons
  • Language and culture lessons
  • Survival kit lessons

Drilling down even further into the dash board, you can see in detail the topics of activities which are available:

In the language and culture lessons, Spanish grammar is introduced in bite-sized chunks. 

There is nothing too overwhelming so the student can feel comfortable with the pace of the material. 

Rocket Spanish Level 1 Dashboard - Language and Culture lessons

As the title suggests, the survival kit lessons provide exactly what you need when you are starting out on your Spanish language learning journey.

Level 2

Rocket Spanish - sample model lessons (module 9)

As you can see from the above, the same format is followed at the higher level 2, and the grammar items covered are more involved and complicated.

This is, of course, as exactly one would expect.

Level 3

Rocket Spanish - sample model lessons (module 15)

 At the higher level 3, the grammar items covered have stepped up in level and complexity, and, indeed, subtlety (the subjunctive - referred to by Rocket Spanish as the uncertain and hypothetical mood.) 

Rocket Spanish - onwards and upwards

Why not see if 

Rocket Spanish

can take your Spanish

to the next level


The pros and cons of Rocket Spanish



There is an emphasis on modern, everyday, spoken Latin American Spanish.

 Rocket Spanish teaches you to speak how Latin American actually talk - this emphasis on colloquial (every day) Spanish. This is exactly what is needed if you need Spanish for travelling.

You can keep up your Spanish studies even when you are travelling because the course is easily accessible from anywhere (as long as the internet connection is reasonable)

The voice recognition tool which compares your pronunciation to native speakers is invaluable to help you try and perfect your Spanish pronunciation.

The methodology helps teach you to respond with more fluency and in a more natural and authentic way in conversations with native speakers.

The range of testing types ensures that all learning styles are catered for.

If you purchase the course you have access to a vibrant and active Language Learning Community Forum which can help you get answers to those questions which inevitably arise when studying a foreign language.

The variety and depth of the course means that it is among the best online courses for beginners and even more advanced students who want to develop speaking skills

Rocket Languages was set up in New Zealand in 2004. It has some 1.2m users. This means that the system is well tried and tested and the mere fact that there are 1.2 million students says something about how helpful and useful the methodology is.

Rocket Spanish, in common with lots of language learning systems (and indeed the education system itself) uses gamification to boost motivation in a variety of different ways:

  • self-set daily targets
  • the opportunity of winning badges
  • the "streak" counter monitors your levels of application and measures how many consecutive days you have been studying
  • a leaderboard will appeal to the your competitive side (if you have one!) 

This means that if you are looking for Spanish from Spain, some of the material will not be entirely appropriate. However, in the same way that British English and American English  has some differences - communication is never a real problem.

A disadvantage of programmes like this is that you cannot discuss and "tease out" grammatical points as with a teacher. If you are looking for "in-depth" grammatical explanations, Rocket Spanish is perhaps not the first choice.

Rocket Spanish could be potentially improved with some better quality visual materials

Click on the button below to access to
further information on Rocket Spanish!

Who Rocket Spanish is for:

  • Students who want to learn to speak Spanish like native speakers
  • Students looking to learn Latin American Spanish
  • Complete beginners to Spanish
  • Travellers to a Spanish-speaking country (Latin America)

Who Rocket Spanish is not for:

  • Students looking to learn Spanish from Spain 
  • Students who are seeking to the formal grammar rules of writing Spanish.


So there you have it.

An in-depth review of the pros and cons of Rocket Spanish.

Rocket Spanish is not for everyone.

However, why not dip your toes in the water for free?

Nothing ventured nothing gained, as they say. You have not got anything to lose given the you can try the course for free for six days.

Click on the Rocket Spanish visual below for more information.

It might be part of the mix that you are looking for.


If you buy the Rocket Spanish program, I will receive a commission.

Why not see if Rocket Spanish can really take your Spanish to the next level

Rocket Spanish - a review
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