Goosebumps books in Spanish


What a great way to keep your Spanish up is to read classic books which you may well know.

The Goosebump series by R L Stine  fits into this category. The series has sold over 350,000,000 copies and has entertained many young people and not so young people!

¡Buena lectura!

Below is a selection of the books on Amazon.

Is there a better way to consolidate your Spanish than listening or reading The Goosebump series in Spanish?

¡... que no! .... as a Spanish speaker might say.

I have suggested this as an approach to many students over the years and those who took up the suggestion benefitted immensely.

There is no doubt that listening or reading to a target foreign language is highly beneficial.

Hence the list below of The Goosebump series  books in Spanish.

Both the audio and hard copy versions.

If you are a fan you know the story, this means that you don't have to stop at every word you don't know - you can have a real linguistic bath!

You can luxuriate in the visual stimulus of the words or the sounds of the language.

Escape from Horrorland (Escape de Horrorlandia) - paperback

¡No Bajes Al Sótano!  (Stay out of the Basement) - paperback

Escape from Horrorland (Escape de Horrorlandia) - paperback

Las calles del Parque del Pánico (The Streets of Panic Park)- paperback

Bienvenido al campamento de las serpientes (Welcome to Camp Slither) - paperback

Sonríe y ¡Muérete Chillando! (Say Cheese-And Die Screaming!) - paperback

¿Quién es tu momia? ( Who's Your Mummy?) - paperback

¡Volvámonos Invisibles! - paperback

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