Essential Spanish expressions

Spanish connectives / Conectores en español

Connectives are an essential linguistic tool when speaking a language.

They keep it flowing, they keep it interesting .....

.... so, in essence, they are very important.

If you want to achieve a degree of fluency when producing the language, i.e. when speaking or writing, they are indispensable. 

Below are two visuals which set out clearly the essentials.

If you are studying for an exam (for example the UK GCSE Spanish exam or the A level Spanish exam, they become even more important.


Examiners love them!

Also, below is a You Tube video, which gives the pronunciation of the connectives in both English (British English) and Spanish (Castellano).

Connectives in Spanish and English 1
Connectives in Spanish and English 2

Here is a quizlet to test you
on Spanish connectives


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