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A New Reference Grammar of Modern Spanish by Butt and Benjamin

If you are a serious student of the Spanish language, this is one the “heavy weight” grammars, and it is for you.

A New Spanish Reference Grammar of Modern Spanish is for:

  • University level Spanish students
  • School students who are serious and want an academic approach
  • Adult learners who really want to get to grips with the language

If you feel you fit into one of these categories, then this academic tome is definitely one should consider, if not buy.

Here are some customer reviews from the Amazon website

An excellent reference book

Excellent book for those wanting to advance their Spanish

I used the second edition of this book when doing my Spanish degree and I have recently upgraded to the newest version. In my opinion, this is the best Spanish grammar book out there, suitable for A-level upwards. Explanations are clear and reliable, and it’s an absolute must for students and teachers of Spanish alike!

Very full and comprehensive cover with lots of good examples of grammar practice and sound treatment of Latin-American regional differences

Since being recommended this by my university professor, its practically become my bible…..Highly recommended.

A New Reference Grammar of Modern Spanish (HRG)

Reference text on Spanish grammar. Related

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