Language Hacking Spanish – by Benny Lewis

Language Hacking – Spanish by Benny Lewis

This book is highly recommended for all Spanish adult beginners.

It is especially recommended to those students who have perhaps struggled with the more traditional approaches to language learning.

If you want to make quick progress in learning Spanish and want a flexible and realistic approach to teaching the language then this book is well worth your consideration.

It is practical, straight forward and rooted in the reality of communicative language learning.

Spanish language learning tips, hacks and so much more!

It is packed full of great ideas and practical strategies on how to learn Spanish including :

  • How to learn Spanish fast by speaking Spanish straight away
  • How to embrace your mistakes and use them to your advantage in your quest to learn Spanish
  • How to master Spanish power phrases
  • Following the rule that 20% of the work gets 80% of the results

LANGUAGE HACKING SPANISH (Learn How to Speak Spanish – Right Away): A Conversation Course for Beginners (Language Hacking with Benny Lewis)

It’s true that some people spend years studying Spanish before they finally get around to speaking t….

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In the book there is lots of help for beginners learning Spanish, including

  • #LanguageHacks
  • Spanish conversation strategies
  • Spanish grammar and pronunciation tips
  • Side notes – which gives the students new insights into learning Spanish

The book is divided up into Ten Units covering

  1. Talking about me in Spanish
  2. Asking about you in Spanish
  3. Solving communication problems in Spanish
  4. Describing future plans in Spanish
  5. Talking about family and friends in Spanish
  6. Some food, drink and conversation in Spanish
  7. Talking about yesterday…last week …a along time ago in Spanish
  8. It’s been a while! …in Spanish
  9. Describe it! …in Spanish
  10. Having your first conversation …in Spanish

The Language Hacker Contract

Benny has included an excellent contract in the book.

It is full of great ideas for all language learners. Here are a couple of them to give you a flavour

I will speak Spanish every day

I will accept that the only way to speak perfectly is to first make mistakes to

…and there are many more.

Notes on Benny Lewis

In 2003, Irish native Benny Lewis spoke only one language: English.

After college, he moved to Spain and was soon frustrated that he could not speak Spanish after six months of trying. So he decided to abandon traditional learning approaches, and everything changed.

Today Benny is the known as The Irish Polyglot and speaks over 10 languages, several at a fluent level.

He also now runs the largest language learning blog in the world,, which receives more than half a million unique visitors every month.

He uses his languages to travel the world and explore other cultures, living out of his backpack. (taken from the Amazon website)


Benny knew only too well the frustrations of learning Spanish. This book is a result of his language learning journey.

This book is therefore well worth considering if you are a Spanish beginner and perhaps are interested in trying some non traditional language learning tactics and hacks.

Spanish Audio Courses

What are the advantages of Spanish audio courses?

There are many advantages of Spanish audio courses.

Did you can realise that you can turn your car into a mini language lesson, right now?

Why not turn that drive to work and from work into into valuable learning time?

Moreover, Brian Tracy, a motivational speaker, has suggested that you do precisely that.

If you are a gym enthusiast or a jogger – just plug the audio in and off you go! A double whammy – learning Spanish and  getting fit.

Or, of course, you can listen while you are out on your favourite walk in the countryside.

Mens sana in corpore sano ( a healthy mind in a healthy body) – as the Romans used to say.


Paul Noble’s Spanish audio courses

Click on the links for the different audio courses available from Paul Noble

Learn Spanish with Paul Noble – Complete Course: Spanish made easy with your personal language coach

Essential Spanish in 2 hours with Paul Noble: Your key to language success (Collins Essential in 2 Hours)


Quotes from reviews on the products

……Fantastically easy! Very useful if you don’t know any Spanish, and in need of a decent springboard. I must also highly recomend the Michel Thomas method too, I used both before a trip to Spain last year and really did feel able to achieve considerably more than just ‘get by’ Spanish – didn’t need to swat much either – just listen and repeat. Easy peasy! I will admit, I’ve forgotten most of it – ha ha – but can use the review cds to refresh the memory, Michel Thomas’ pack contains review cds too. Michel Thomas vs Paul Noble – MT is more expensive, but I think they work very well together, and well worth every penny if you bring them together. Would be interested to see if Paul Noble produces an ‘Intimediate’ or ‘Advanced’ programme…..

….Having studied French to degree level and taught French at night school and English as a foreign language, I am a little sceptical about language courses. I had always meant to learn Spanish, saw how inexpensive this was and thought I’d give it a crack. I stuck it on my iPod while walking the dog and away I went.

I can seriously recommend this as a no-nonsense approach for beginners. Paul Noble breaks down the language into simple component parts and comes up with some great hints for easily extending your knowledge, using repetition to reinforce the learning and then picking up gently later in the lesson….

Michel Thomas – the languages audio king







Click on the links below for full details on each of the courses.

As you will see there are audio courses available for all types of Spanish students from beginner to the more advanced or for those who are after a refresher.

Perfect Spanish (Learn Spanish with the Michel Thomas Method)

Spanish Vocabulary Builder+ (Learn Spanish with the Michel Thomas Method)Spanish Vocabulary Builder+ (Learn Spanish with the Michel Thomas Method)

Total Spanish Foundation Course: Learn Spanish with the Michel Thomas Method

Perfect Spanish Intermediate Course: Learn Spanish with the Michel Thomas Method

Perfect Spanish (Learn Spanish with the Michel Thomas Method

Michel Thomas Advanced Course: Spanish (2nd edition) (Michel Thomas Series)

Michel Thomas Beginner Spanish, Lesson 1

Total Spanish (Learn Spanish with the Michel Thomas Method) (Michel Thomas Series)


Quotes from reviews about Michel Thomas’ Spanish audio courses.

…..language learning, easy to use and stress free, useful if you have a busy lifestyle and wish to learn on the go….

…..I have bought Perfect Spanish and Total Spanish and I love Michel Thomas. He explains the vocab in an easy to remember style. The guy is a genius. I would have loved to have met him. I love the idea of being the third student in the room and learning from the other students errors. Very unique way of learning. Could not recommend it more highly…..

…..Great course.











Spanish Grammars

A New Reference Grammar of Modern Spanish by Butt and Benjamin

If you are a serious student of the Spanish language, this is one the “heavy weight” grammars, and it is for you.

A New Spanish Reference Grammar of Modern Spanish is for:

  • University level Spanish students
  • School students who are serious and want an academic approach
  • Adult learners who really want to get to grips with the language

If you feel you fit into one of these categories, then this academic tome is definitely one should consider, if not buy.

Here are some customer reviews from the Amazon website

An excellent reference book

Excellent book for those wanting to advance their Spanish

I used the second edition of this book when doing my Spanish degree and I have recently upgraded to the newest version. In my opinion, this is the best Spanish grammar book out there, suitable for A-level upwards. Explanations are clear and reliable, and it’s an absolute must for students and teachers of Spanish alike!

Very full and comprehensive cover with lots of good examples of grammar practice and sound treatment of Latin-American regional differences

Since being recommended this by my university professor, its practically become my bible…..Highly recommended.

A New Reference Grammar of Modern Spanish (HRG)

Reference text on Spanish grammar.

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