Las 13 rosas (Region 2)

Las 13 rosas (Region 2)



Las 13 rosas (Region 2)


Las trece rosas is an immensely moving film.

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An incredibly moving film, based on the execution in 1939, of thirteen innocent young women. The thirteen, known as Las Trece Rosas were executed in Madrid, Spain on august 5th 1939 together with 43 male prisoners, including a 14 year old boy.

After the civil war, many suffered under Franco. This film depicting some of that suffering, does so a way that may linger in the memory long after the final scene.

We are told that the documents and letters cited in the film are completely authentic. Together with a powerful storyline and great acting, Las 13 Rosas is a film I would recommend and not just from an historical or political viewpoint. It is just a great film.

The film received 14 nominations to the Goya Awards and won four of them.

The four Goya awards were: Best Cinematography, Best Costume Design, Best Original Score and Best Supporting Actor (Jose Manuel Cerino).

The DVD has Spanish dialogue with optional English subtitles.

There are extra features on the DVD but without an English translation.

As part of the extras you can see the real Quique, son of one of Las Trece Rosas (now an elderly gentleman) during the making of the film. This I also found to be very moving.

Highly recommended DVD


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