El Ministerio del Tiempo – a must-see for all serious Spanish students!

El Ministerio del Tiempo

El Ministerio del Tiempo

This series is a must-see for the serious Spanish student.

If you have level B1 – B2 Spanish, give it a try.


The series is an entertaining way of practising your Spanish, whilst improving your knowledge and grasp of Spanish history at the same time. A real “double whammy”

With a good level of Spanish, we suggest that you watch El Ministerio del Tiempo with the subtitles on – in Spanish. This means that both your eye and ear are being trained at the same time.

Stop the action, if you need to look up a key word in your Spanish dictionary. This will consolidate your high level Spanish vocabulary acquisition. However, don’t do this too often, let the flow of the action also sweep you along.

In addition, El Ministerio del Tiempo will give you a real insight into some of the key turning points in Spanish history – in an entertaining way.

All in all El Ministerio del Tiempo is amusing, well acted and visually stimulating.

Yes – definitely, give it a try. You will not regret it.

For the online version of El Ministerio del Tiempo

And, as a bonus, if you prefer not to buy it, there is an alternative.

Click here for the online version.

El Ministerio del Tiempo
El Ministerio del Tiempo

The book of the series

There’s even more!

Tiempo es lo que es – Time is what it is

Once you have really got into the series, and even having “binge watched” it, you still want more.

There is a book.

Click on the book title for more information.

Enjoy! ¡Diviértete!