Tricky nouns in Spanish

Masculine and feminines?

Tricky nouns in Spanish
Tricky nouns in Spanish

As a learner of Spanish, have you ever had problems with your masculine and your feminines in Spanish?

For English speakers the concept of concrete nouns or abstract nouns being either masculine or feminine is quite bizarre.

I know this to be a fact – as a seasoned (!) teacher of Spanish to English speakers.

You Tube Video on Tricky nouns in Spanish.

Click on the link below and some of the “irregular” nouns are included in the You Tube video.

Tricky nouns in Spanish

Here they are in all of their irregular glory :

El programa – programme

El crucigrama – crossword

El poema – poem

El clima – climate

El mediodía – midday

La moto – motorbike

El sistema – system

La radio – radio

La disco – discotheque

El planeta – planet

El tranvía – tram

El pijama – pyjamas

El problema – problem

El mapa – map

El día – day

El guardarropa – wardrobe

El vodka – vodka

Help is at hand

If you think you might need a bit of a refresher on all of  this, this Pinterest board will help:

Pinterest link – Spanish nouns

Also, if you want to delve deeper, click on this link:

Spanish Grammars


An interesting and varied list, I am sure you will agree.

Make sure you have a look at the You Tube video and the Pinterest link. As we linguists say – “it’s all grist to the Spanish language learning mill.”

Do you know any more of these tricky nouns in Spanish? If you do, please add them in the comments.