About us

About you

If there is a phrase to describe you as far as your ability in Spanish is concerned, what would it be:

A confident Spanish speaker who can engage in conversation at normal speed with a native speaker.

A competent writer of Spanish with few grammatical errors.

A skillful reader of Spanish who understands the subtleties and nuances of the language​.

​An able listener to Spanish who understands Spanish spoken by a native speaker at a natural speed.

Is that YOU?

Or, is it none of the above?

Or, some of the above, but not all?

Or, somewhere, perhaps, in between?

Or, you might know someone who would like to be this competent, confident and accomplished Spanish student ?

Whatever the case is - YOU are in the right place.


    • you are looking for great ideas and tips and hacks to show you how to learn Spanish
    • you are looking for books, products to help you lean Spanish
    • you are looking for ideas on how to live Spanish authentically
    • you are looking for online lessons

Who is this website for?

This website is for anyone to wants to learn Spanish. Or to help someone else learn Spanish.

Young. Older. Inbetweeners.

Beginners. Intermediates. Experienced pros.

Anyone who wants to speak Spanish, read Spanish, listen to Spanish, write Spanish.

In short, to live Spanish.

Or,even better, to dream in Spanish.

That is our passionate for you to DREAM in Spanish. Unrealistic - I don't think so!

​Who is behind howtolearnspanish.co?

I am - Steven French from Steven French Languages.

What a great family name for someone in the languages business!

I am a seasoned linguist with over a quarter of a century's experience in the languages field.

I am a passionate linguist and hispanist.

 Welcome to the howtolearnspanish.co website. Enjoy!

Steven French
Linguist and Hispanist

​What is on the howtolearnspanish.co website?

This website has:

  • a blog consisting of tips and hacks hacks on how to learn Spanish
  • posts that have links to great Spanish learning sites - some free, some paid
  • recommendations on Spanish grammars and Spanish text books, to help you learn Spanish
  • recommendations on audio materials to help you to learn Spanish
  • ideas on how to use You Tube to learn Spanish and links to some great Spanish You Tube sites
  • links to the best boards on Pinterest
  • links to materials to specifically help students who are studying for GCSE Spanish and A Level Spanish
  • ideas on how to step up your acquisition of Spanish by visiting a Spanish speaking country
  • links to Spanish language schools in Spain and Latin America
  • a shop linked to Amazon and other sites with hundreds of products to help with your Spanish learning journey
  • in-depth reviews on popular Spanish language products to help you make an informed choice

And much more!


So, you are in the right place to:

  • to start learning Spanish
  • improve your Spanish
  • perfect your Spanish

Or if you want to help someone else learn Spanish - the same applies​.

Next steps

If you want to have a browse in the store - please click on the link​:

The Store

We have lots of exciting plans, including:

an online Spanish GCSE course

an online A level Spanish course

online Spanish courses​

Spanish language / cookery visits to Granada​

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