A Level Spanish

A level Spanish is the 2 year course taken by students in the UK education system.

Who is A level Spanish for?

Students at GCSE who have shown an aptitude and flair for Spanish and have achieved a good grade in the Spanish GCSE exam.

Bilingual students can also take the exam – perhaps they come from a bilingual background and have fluency in speaking Spanish. It is possible that they might need some additional help covering the more technical grammar points.

Click here for the resources on : Spanish grammars

What does the A level Spanish cover?

The course covers the form main skills, namely:

  • Spanish writing
  • Spanish reading
  • Spanish listening
  • Spanish reading
  • In depth study of a piece of literature written in Spanish / and /or film in Spanish

Click here for more resources AQA A level Spanish resources

Which exam boards offer the A level Spanish exam? / Where to go for more information?

Links to the main exam boards are given below:

AQA A Level Exam Board

EDEXCEL A level Spanish Exam Board

OCR A level Spanish exam board

How do you know it is right for you?

You enjoy all aspects of the Spanish language.

It may be a challenge but it is not hard work. You relish the idea of wrestling with some grammatical points (let’s not mention ser or estar!), immersing yourself in Spanish / hispanic culture.

You are fired up by the idea!

At the end, of the day you will know!